Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sports carnival in Makira

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A ONE inter-primary sports carnival is currently underway Wainoni, Makira.

Reports reaching Star Sports revealed that four schools are participating in the carnival.

The schools areTama, Rama, Naharahau and Warohinou.

They competed in soccer, netball, volleyball and athletics.

Head Master of Tama Primary school Thomas Waro speak highly of the tournament saying looks like next year Rama will host the carnival..

Some hundreds people turned up to witness the event from the neighbouring communities around Wainoni.

Village people have also taken advantage to sell their produce during the carnival.

Reports said the locals’ students have showing alot of skills.

Makira is one of the provinces, which produced top runners for this country, and there are potential skills in the rural areas.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where’s East Makira funding? -From Solomon Star Letters to the Editor

By Chief Stanley Sukurunita

Tawaroga, East Makira

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Listening to the radio now and then I heard service messages from some MPs talking about things they buy and send home for their constituencies.

These kinds of messages talked about church buildings, clinics, schools, solar lighting, fishing gears and the list goes on.

I would like to ask our honorable member for East Makira about how he uses RCDF, Micro funds and other such funds available to the MPs for the betterment of village life.

Whilst other MPs are using these funds to help improve their constituencies, I am sad to say that ours is not doing that.

Except for outboard motor engines and boats, chainsaws, bags of rice and flour yes; but these often go to certain families only.

And the issuing of such support seems to be going to these people only, not everyone and anyone in the constituency who deserves the assistance. Support through these kinds of materials as you and I know live a very short life.

We prefer bigger projects that address the common good of all constituents.

I was moved by a recent radio program which featured a big centre for east Choiseul. That is the kind of support which exists for the good of everyone and is what I mean my MP should spend the money he’s been getting over his entire tenure in parliament.

The East Makira constituency has one of the longest serving MPs since inception in the early or mid 80s.

Hon. David Sitai has served six terms or 24 years. I am sure that a lot of people think this constituency had developed more than any other in the country because of its stable leadership.

But sad to say, it is definitely not. So I would like the MP to answer the following questions:

Why no projects? Why no funds available but other constituencies are enjoying many good things their MPs are using the funds on for them? Why no shipping services? Where is the money – millions – gone or going?

Who is using it?

The media always talks about millions of dollars being earmarked for rural development through MPs, but what community projects are there in east Makira?

Why hasn’t the constituency set up such community projects? Not long ago Alfred Sasako published a report which said a copra project centre valued at $200,000 was set up in east Makira. Where was it set up?

Another rumour also talked about a ship for the constituency last year, to be bought either from Australia or Japan.

Is this true? And when is it going to come to serve this forgotten paradise of Makira? Wat taem?

All the loyal supporters of the MP throughout his 24 years in parliament are regretting this loyalty.

Their trust and hopes have been in vain. They have been misled by the vain promises made during the past campaign periods.

But then again, I am not sure whether or not it is the member who is at fault because he has a horde of conmen surrounding him all the time.

And I am certain that a lot of good intentions the MP had had during his 24 years had been squandered by this bunch.

Like others are saying, I call on the MP and his cohorts to put in this forum how they have spent those millions in the last 24 years.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Koloale Fans Flock into Honiara

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:12 AM

Fans from Makira expected to make up the thousand strong Koloale support at Lawson Tama come Saturday. (Source: Joy Basi

Hundreds of soccer fans from Makira Province and other provinces are flocking into Honiara to watch the showdown between Koloale and Auckland City on Saturday.

Makira fans traveled to Honiara to see one of their own son Nicholas Muri play the first leg of the O' league finals.

Reports say fans from other provinces too are traveling to the national capital to witness Koloale as they take on New Zealand's best club.

It would be a David and Goliath affair, as Koloale try to repeat Kossa's feat in 2008 when it beat Waitakere 3-1 in Honiara.

Koloale has proved it has the players who can stand up to the might of Auckland City and will on the day give them a run for their money.

Its 4-0 win over former O'league rep Kossa last Saturday showed how serious they were about their prospect of playing in the FIFA World Clubs Final later on this year.

With the warm climate and hundreds of screaming green army expected to flock to Lawson Tama, it will definitely be a cracker.

Meanwhile, match officials for the first leg of the O'league finals between Koloale and Auckland City have been named.

Australian, Strebre Delovski is the match referee and will be assisted by Michael Mouauri (Cook Islands), Hillary Ani (PNG) and Chris Beath as the fourth official. He is from Australia.

Neil Poloso will be the referee assessor while Solomon Islander and Auckland-based David Firisua is the OFC coordinator. He will be assisted by SIFF Development officer Noel Wagapu.

The Protocols of a 'Custom House'

Monday, February 25, 2008 6:54 AM

The traditional 'custom house' from Makira - Ulawa Province. (Source: STO Archive)

The Solomon Islands, with its diverse culture and people, have some very unique traditional protocols that must be observed if one were to visit these beautiful Islands.

Makira - Ulawa Province, one of the Nine Provinces in the Solomon Islands, has a unique custom house that comes with ancient protocols.

Frank Hui, a man from Makira, explained the importance of these custom houses.

"In Makira we regard these custom houses, particularly the ones with carved posts, as a house full of symbolism and traditional protocols" said Mr Hui.

"A custom house is a specially built house that symbolizes compassion and kindness, those villages with the most custom houses shows that they have had many great feasts"

More importantly, said Mr Hui, a custom house is one of the greatest gestures from a grown child to her parents "to pay back what their parents did for them when they were children." "It's the best way to express your gratitude to your parents...a big feast is also made in the custom house." Mr. Hui said

While the custom house does have some important symbolic gestures, the ancient protocols are equally important. "Unfortunately women are not allowed to enter the house until the feast is is our belief that if any woman enters the house before the event then the spirits that protects the house and family from harm will leave the house." Asked why this so, Mr Hui said "that's just how it is...I do not have an explanation for it"

Mr Hui was quick to point out that not all men are allowed into the custom house "only authorized men can enter the house."

Mr Hui said that it is important for anyone partaking in the 'opening' of these custom houses to understand its protocols because they are still applied to this day.

"In the Solomon Islands we have very different cultures and people living together, so it's important to learn and understand such traditional protocols so that we do not offend each other" Mr Hui said.

Our Telekom Launches Kirakira Breeze GSM Mobile Service


Wednesday, July 23, 2008 6:06 PM

Kirakira GSM Mobile Tower, (Source: Photo Supplied)

Our Telekom will launch its Breeze GSM Mobile Service in the Makira provincial capital, Kirakira, on Tuesday 29th July, 2008.

Our Telekom will offer Mobile Sales Special on Mobile phones and SIM cards with unbeatable prices to customers in Kirakira during the launch.

The mobile service installation in Kirakira was completed on the 5th May and was put on trial for a month. Our Telekom engineers have carried out coverage tests which produced good reception for Kirakira Township and its surrounding areas.

The Breeze GSM catchment areas goes as far as Wango point, Arosi One in the Western part of Makira and goes as far as Wainoni Catholic Station, Wainoni Bay in the East.

Residents in and around Kirakira with existing mobile phones have been using the mobile service since it was installed. However, those who are yet to own mobile phones are hoping to buy their handsets during the launch.

Mrs. Edith Hanuagi of Telekom Kirakira said the people in Makira are very excited about this new development being extended to the province.

"The mobile service makes communication much easier to people in the township and the surrounding areas especially to where landlines never reaches such as the Kirakira airport terminal. Airline passengers can now easily contact Solomon Airlines in Honiara from the airport to find out about flight movements," Mrs Hanuagi said

Our Telekom has continued its rural development this year by extending the GSM mobile services to Lata in the Temotu Province and Kirakira in Makira Province and Buala in the Isabel Province.

The next roll out of Breeze GSM mobile service will be in Taro in Choiseul and Seghe in Western.

Porn Shocks Premier's Conference


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 9:47 AM

The Premier's Conference in Lata was cut short on its first day after obscene pictures began appearing on the screen during a Power Point Presentation.

The laptop used was said to have been owned by the Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Government, Fred Ganate, who also chairs the Premier's Conference.

Described as disgraceful, the chairperson who was also apparently shocked, apologized to the leaders and then volunteered to step down as chairperson of the conference. He was later suspended from chairing by Prime Minister, Derek Sikua, who was also present at the meeting.

According to sources, the Permanent Secretary revealed that the laptop was his however, the flash drive used for the Power Point Presentation was not his.

The Lata police are now investigating the matter after removing the flash drive.

The Power Point Presentation by Fred Ganate before the incident was on the last Permier's Conference held at Lake Tengano in Rennell.

Waipora Tells PM to Stop Misleading Premiers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 4:36 PM

Hon. Japhet Waipora

The Acting Leader of the National Parliamentary Opposition Group, Japhet Waipora has accused the Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua of misleading the premiers on the provincial government system.

Waipora was referring to Dr Sikua's speech at the 2008 Premiers' conference underway in Lata, Temotu Province, suggesting that the provincial assemblies are not agents of the central government.

In a statement Waipora said that as a Prime Minister, Dr Sikua should by now understand that under the current unitary system of government adopted by Solomon Islands at independence, the Provincial Governments are mere agents or representatives of the Central or National Government and this is clearly stated in the Provincial Government Act.

He said it was frustrations over this very provincial government system that has given rise to the desire by the people for the nation to adopt a state government system so that each province can have more powers and functions of the Central Government transferred to it.

The West Makira MP said under the present Provincial Government System, powers and functions of the Central Government can only be given to the Provincial Governments through devolution orders passed by the National Parliament through an affirmative resolution.

Waipora said Dr Sikua's misguided statements do not reflect well on him as the Prime Minister and one of the highly educated elites of Solomon Islands as well as his advisers.

The Acting Leader of Opposition meanwhile said it was remiss or careless of the Prime Minister to complement himself for being the first Prime Minister to visit Temotu because the decision for Temotu to host this year's premiers' conference and for the Prime Minister to open the meeting was made by the Minister for Provincial Government in the former Grand Coalition for Change Government and that was Waipora himself.

He said it is the custom of the Premiers Conference that whoever holds the post of Prime Minister will open the annual meeting wherever it is held and hence Dr Sikua's statement was insular.

Government of Japan Assists Kirakira Water Supply


Tuesday, December 11, 2007 11:38 AM

Kirakira hospital staff happy with assistance that will stabilise water supply in the area.

(Source: Embassy of Japan)

The provincial capital of Makira-Ulawa Province, Kirakira, held its official hand-over ceremony for the Water Supply Project last Friday.

Funded by the Government of Japan through Japanese Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Project (GGP), Makira-Ulawa Province received grant assistance of over 360 thousand Solomon dollars.

The assistance is aimed to rehabilitate the water supply system in Kirakira.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Grassroots Project Coordinator of the Embassy of Japan, Yosuke Sekiguchi, said the Government of Japan understands that Kirakira Town has been experiencing water problem for quite some time due to leaking water pipes.

"[This has] reduced water pressure [causing] difficulties for doctors and medical staff of Kirakira Hospital to continue providing medical services to patients," Mr. Sekiguchi said.

He described the situation as "beyond our imagining" as "it goes without saying that water is a vital part of [everyone's life]".

Mr. Sekiguchi said the Government of Japan, in light of the crisis, responded positively to assist Makira-Ulawa Province and the people of Kirakira.

Provincial Secretary for Makira-Ulawa Province, Andrew Nanauoha, in response expressed gratitude for the continuous support from the Government of Japan.

"The successful completion of Kirakira Water Supply Project will be followed by the Kirakira Hospital Upgrading Project, also funded by the Government of Japan in 2004," Mr. Nanauoha.

The ceremony was witnessed by officers and staff of Makira-Ulawa Provincial Government.

Aorigi Islanders Come Up With Development Plan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 7:34 AM

Leaders on Santa Catalina Island, also known as Aorigi, in Makira's Far East.

(Source: Photo supplied)

Leaders on Santa Catalina Island, also known as Aorigi, in Makira's Far East have established a development plan to boost development on the island.

Santa Catalina Island has pristine beaches and an idyllic island setting but for the past 30 years it has had one of the highest population growth rates in the country at 3 per cent per annum combined with its lack of basic water, sanitation and its dwindling natural resources.

A five day workshop was held on the first week of October by the Santa Catalina Development Association assisted by a $45,000 grant from the Ministry of Rural Development's rural livelihood programme. The funds were made possible through the East Makira Constituency.

The workshop mapped out a plan for 2009 - 2012 that would guide the development in improving living conditions and services to the island community. The workshop selected seven areas to address, these being: water supply, education, food security, income generation, health, culture and transport and communications.

Over one hundred community leaders and young people took part in the workshop. The workshop was officially opened by Makira province minister for community affairs and social development, Martin Karani.

He said the outcome of the workshop as indicated in the programme was in line with the plan of Makira Provincial government.

Karani added that his government wants to see rural development to happen and would work with the people wards to support their initiatives.

He said it was important that the islanders work towards solving our own problems rather than wait for handouts. He said the starting point would be a development plan.

Santa Catalina ward member Joash Francis Asau said that the strategies developed in the workshop would help improve the living conditions of the village people and enhance economic and social development.

Chairman of the Santa Catalina Development Association Moffat Wasuka said the workshop was about setting a plan to improve the living conditions on the island. The plan must start with the basic needs of village life.

The office bearers of the Santa Catalina Development Association were elected in a general meeting by the island community at the end of the five days.

Press Release

Sports Development Grants 2008-2009

Monday, September 01, 2008 1:56 PM

The Australian Government has announced that three sports federations and organisations in the Solomon Islands have been successful in their application for funds through the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP).

Announcing the successful applicants was Warwick Povey of the Australian Sports Commission who said that "Solomon Islands is a strong sporting nation and had many excellent applications. The Australian Sports Commission has supported sport in Solomon Islands for several years and is pleased to be able to continue this through the Australian Sports Outreach Program which will continue for many more years to come."

The successful applicants are: The Office of the West Makira constituency for their sports development program for soccer and netball programs, which will culminate in the West Makira Games Project 2008; Solomon Islands Athletics Association for their Kids and Youth Athletics program which will be run in four communities from Guadalcanal Province (Muvia), Malaita Province (Auki), Makira Province (Kirakira) and Isabel Province (Buala); To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) student volunteers for the North Malaita School and Community Sports Development Initiative to increase physical activity in primary and secondary schools, with rural youth and school leavers trained to run a sports league in North Malaita.

On hearing that TARD was successful in its application, the Project Coordinator, Exsley Taloiburi, said that Australia's assistance means a lot to all of the TARD volunteer members as well as the rural school children and youths in North Malaita that stand to benefit greatly from this initiative. "We would like to thank the Australian High Commission in Honiara and the Australian Government for the generous support."

These sentiments were echoed by the Constituency Development Officer at the Office of West Makira Constituency, Marita who said that "The sports projects will allow people, especially youths, to be occupied naturally and socially in sports. More than 10,000 people in West Makira will directly benefit from this project."

The Australian High Commission congratulates the successful project applicants and acknowledges the hard work of all applicants for the 2008-2009 ASOP programs. A very large number of applications of a very high standard were received.

There will be another opportunity for sporting federations to apply for further funding next year. Sporting bodies that were unsuccessful in their applications will be contacted shortly by the Australian High Commission and are encouraged to seek feedback on their application.


No Earthquake-Related Damage, Reports West Makira

BY NATIONAL DISASTER COUNCIL, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 5:43 PM

Reports from HF radios nearest to the epicenter of a 6.2 earthquake at 0320am today near west Makira say there are no damages, landslides or high waves.

The reports were received from Ngarigohu clinic on Anuta Island and Tarainua clinic at Rumahui village as well as Tawaraha clinic and Tetere in the west Makira constituency.

The reports were received through relays from the Kira Kira hospital.

Waimapuru school in Central Makira and west Rawo have also earlier reported feeling the quake but there were no damages.

The 6.2 earthquake struck at 65km (40 miles) west of Makira island at a depth of 88.9km (55.2 miles), according to a USGS report.

Despite the above reports, the NDMO is still on standby through HF radio to monitor and receive further information, if there are any.

Japanese Tells of Experience in Makira

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 2:41 PM

Japanese volunteer Ms. Yukiko Kasuya at the FM Campbell school, during one of her classes. (Source: picture supplied)

Japanese volunteer Ms. Yukiko Kasuya has been in the Solomon Islands in the Makira Province for nearly a year now, under a Japanese volunteer (JOCV) two year contract.

Ms. Yukiko Kasuya is now a teacher at the FM Campbell School, in Makira Province, teaching Home Economics.

According to Mr. Kasuya, "This is an experience I will always remember."

Upon arrival, Ms.Yukiko Kasuya has been hard at work learning the Solomon Islands common language the 'Pidgin' and also learning about the Makira culture.

Although quite difficult for her at first, she now loves the easy going lifestyle; the Makira Province has to offer.

"Not only could I speak the Pidgin English language now but I can converse with locals on various dialects from around Makira which has improved every time and has even impressed my local host," says Ms. Kasuya with a smile.

According to her, the biggest problem is transport and the transportation of school supplies to the school, which at times often disrupts her home economics lessons. However, she has come to accept the challenges the rural areas has to offer.

"I have grown to love living with the locals, and understanding the culture. I also love fishing, diving and collecting sea shells," concludes Ms. Yukiko Kasuya.

Australia Gives $55,550 for Sports Development in West Makira

Acting High Commissioner, Alison Duncan presenting the cheque to West Makira Constituency Development Officer, Paul Marita. (Source: Australian High Commission)

Acting High Commissioner, Alison Duncan has presented a cheque for SBD55,550 to the West Makira Constituency Development Office, to commence a sports development program for remote communities in Arosi and Hanunu, West Makira.

The program, focusing on soccer and netball, aims to develop the sporting capacity of these communities through the training of sports administrators and teachers from 3 community high schools and 12 primary schools in the area.

Skills developed through training and coaching workshops will be put to the test through an Annual Sporting League. The top teams from the competition will qualify for the West Makira Games which will be held in December.

Constituency Development Officer Paul Marita thanked the Australian High Commission for the generous support of the Australian Sporting Commission.

"This funding is a huge boost for West Makira. This project will allow people, especially youths, to be occupied naturally and socially in sports. More than 10,000 people in West Makira will directly benefit from this project" he said.

Acting Australian High Commissioner said "we are very pleased to support the West Makira Constituency in implementing a sporting program, to provide opportunities for rural communities, and especially youth, to get involved in health activities".

West Makira Constituency was one of three successful Solomon Islands' projects to receive funding under the Australian Sports Outreach Program 2008-2009.

This year, the Australian High Commission received more than 60 applications for funding under the ASOP program. The successful projects focused on increasing community participation in sports, especially in remote areas. None of the successful applicants had previously received funding from the Australian Sports Commission.

Press Release (Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands)

Logging Companies Owe Makira Province Millions

Besides owing millions to the Makira Province, logging companies operating in Makira have caused destruction to the forest just as that of Marovo (above). (Source: Photo Supplied)
Logging companies operating in Makira and Ulawa Province owes the Province two million dollars in taxes.

This was revealed by the Premier of the Makira Ulawa Province, Thomas Weape.

He said that the outstanding two million dollars was accumulated over the years and some of the nine companies that are either operating or had operated there before have already left without paying their taxes to the Province.

Premier Weape said that this has been quite disappointing given the difficulties successive Provincial Governments have been facing by trying to provide basic services to their people with very limited financial resources.

The Premier also revealed that some logging companies are still operating even though their licenses have expired.

Premier Weape said that without the revenue owed by the loggers to the Province, it is very difficult for the Province to operate with the annual assistance from the national government and the limited revenue the Province is collecting in taxes.

The Makira Ulawa Premier said that the Provincial Government has been calling on these logging companies to pay their taxes and to discuss licensing issues with the Province, however, there was no response from the companies

The Premier condemned such actions by the logging companies who have been exploiting trees in Makira without paying their taxes to help develop and provide Makira Province with essential infrastructures such as roads, bridges, housing and other infrastructure development.


Development in Makira Province Still Stagnant: Weape

Makira/Ulawa Province's (above) development is said to be stagnant. (Source: Photo Supplied)
The Makira and Ulawa Provincial Premier, Thomas Weape, has described development in the Province since independence as stagnant.

Premier Weape said that even when the Province acquired full Provincial Government status following the passage of the 1981 Provincial Government Act, development in the Province continued to remain stagnant.

Speaking to the local media at KiraKira on Wednesday he said has lacked the human resources to help his provincial government fulfill its plans.

According to the Premier, the Makira Provincial Government posts have been vacant for awhile and are need of filling.          

As an example he said, the Province has not had a physical planning officer for a long time and with many other posts vacant in the Provincial Government the Province has been struggling with work load.

Poor infrastructure including poor housing and roads has been a concern of previous Provincial Governments.

Over time the Provincial Government has been seeking assistance from the National Government who was unable to allocate much needed funds for the province and according to the Premier, this has been an issue continuously raised by the Makira Government.

"We will continue to pressurize the National Government to allocate more money to develop the Province to address the needs of the people," he said.

Premier Weape has however said that the province has set up a team which has been carrying out a survey around Makira on areas suitable to build bridges. The National Government has given them assurance that bridges, roads and new houses will be built next year.

He said that the building of new the Bridges would help inaccessible villages to be able to travel to clinics and the Kira Kira hospital. The bridges will also expect to stimulate economic activities.


Makira-Ulawa Provincial Minister Loses Seat

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 8:23 AM

The Ministry of Provincial Government had confirmed that the Makira Ulawa Provincial Minister for Community Development and Social Services, Martin Karani had lost his provincial seat following his imprisonment by the Honiara Magistrates court.

Magistrates Court Judge Michael Scott had sentenced Karani to eight months imprisonment after convicting him guilty of official corruption.

A spokesman from the Provincial Government Ministry however says there are no immediate plans for a bye-election to fill the North Star Harbour ward in Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly vacated by Karani's imprisonment.

Magistrate Scott heard that Karani had devised a sham tender process when he was a chief electoral officer in the Electoral Commission for his personal gain.

The court heard that Karani acted dishonestly and deceived his superior officers and the Ministry of Finance by chartering a vessel under a contract agreement to conduct a bye-election in the Ulawa Ugi Constituency in 2004.

The court heard that the fraud scheme earned Karani a personal gain of six thousand 500 dollars.

Copyright @ 2009. Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Makira and Bananas

A 'Toroka' plant in Makira Province. (Source: supplied.)

Makira Province in the Solomon Islands has always been labeled the 'Banana Land.'
According to people from Makira, the name stuck after Makira was found to have different varieties of bananas.

Banana has always been a staple food for the people of Makira-Ulawa Province and for hundreds of centuries the 'Toroka,' as it is known in their local dialect, had been and still used for custom feasts and other traditional food exchanges among tribes or villages. In fact without bananas, no traditional feast could be regarded as complete.

Usually, a person from Makira can be labeled as the 'banana boy' or 'banana girl' as a joke.

Despite the nicknames, health experts and scientists have found that some bananas in Makira Province have nutrients that could help prevent certain disease. They say that the consumption of certain colored bananas such as the yellow or the brown ones can prevent major non communicable diseases such as heart attacks, hypertension or cancer.

This was confiremd by local chemical scientist in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Honiara, Mr. Dickson Mangongi. He stated that after attending a Regional Food Scientists meeting in Nadi, Fiji in 2005, he was surprised to learn that scientists have discovered that the 'Toroka' or a yellow banana found in Makira could help prevent diseases.

According to the people of Makira there are six varieties of the 'Toroka' and unlike other bananas, the 'Toroka' stands upright and the color of the inside of the fruit is yellow.

The 'Toroka' had never been recognized as a fruit that could prevent diseases and only recently through awareness by health experts in the Makira Province did people realize that the 'Toroka' could prevent heart attack and other non communicable diseases.

The recent discovery has made the people proud of what Makira has. According to some people, the label 'Banana Land' brings new meaning.

The Makira-Ulawa Province is in the eastern part of the Solomon Islands and is about eight to ten hours by boat from Honiara or two hours by plane.

Health Minister Assures Makira-Ulawa of New Hospital

The Minister of Health and Medical Services, Clay Forau, has assured medical authorities in Makira Ulawa Province of his commitment to press for the building of a new hospital for Makira-Ulawa province.
Mr Forau made the assurance when meeting senior medical authorities last Thursday in the provincial capital, Kirakira.

The existing Kirakira hospital is facing problems for further expansion to cater for the province's growing population since it was located right in the heart of the township.

The Minister was taken on a visit where he was impressed with the new site where the proposed 100 bed hospital is to be built.

Mr Forau said one of the major policies of the ruling CNURA government is to upgrade major hospitals in the provinces including the Kirakira hospital.

"As minister responsible for health, I am fully committed to ensure that this new hospital is established to provide better health services to the people of this province," he said.

He said the CNURA government is working in close partnership with international donors to build the new SBD$20 million hospital.

Kirakira hospital is currently suffering from low staffing to provide quality medical services due to a severe housing shortage in the provincial capital.
The problem has affected the effectiveness of health services.

Medical authorities have called on the Government to consider funding staff housing once the new hospital is built.

Once built, the new hospital will be considered as the Eastern Referral Hospital, catering for both Makira-Ulawa and Temotu provinces.

Copyright @ 2009 GCU. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Kakamora Go

Go Kakamora GO! Good to see Kakamora girls doing fine again in sports..I spotted the following news article from solomonstarnews online by Charles Kadamana, and since am a Kakamora die-hard netball fan, I would like to share the celebrations you all my frens:

KAKAMORA netball team will take on SICHE Kukum girls in the grand final of the Honiara Netball Association C division league knockout.

Kakamora a team from Makira/Ulawa Province advanced to the final after closely defeating Police 3 15-13 on Saturday at Lawson Tama netball court.

Likewise, SICHE Kukum secured a place in the final after comfortably defeating OAG 24-20 also last Saturday.

The loser’s final for C Division will be between Police 3 and OAG.

Kakamora with the leading hands of goal shooter Nelly Ramofila and goal attack Doreen Lyla kicked off the semi against Police 3 in an equal term.

In the first quarter, Kakamora scored 4 goals through Romofila and Lyla combination, while Police 3 replied with two goals shared by goal shooter Ellen Kinita and Serah Leamy.

In the second quarter, both teams contested strongly and held 1-0 in favor of the Kakamora girls.

In the third quarter, Kakamora maintained their composure and won 6-5 to further extend their lead 11-7 to put them in a better position.

In the final quarter, Police 3 came back strong to win 6-4 but was unfortunate to level the goal.

They fell short with two goals to end the game 15-13 to Kakamora girls.

In the game between OAG and SICHE Kukum, both teams displayed the same strength.

However, SICHE got the upper hands to win the game after taking the lead from first to third quarter.

In the first quarter, they settled down OAG hope with 7-3 but OAG returned strongly in the second quarter to equalize 5-5.

SICHE then quickly turn over the game to win 8-5 to settle well ahead with 20-13.

OAG despite running behind the score sheet put their last attempt in the final quarter manage to throws down SICHE Kukum 7-4 but could not catch up.

It was SICHE Kukum who went off happily with 24-20 to get them through to the final play off.

In the B Division, SICHE Panitana will take on Green Berets 3 in the final knock out play off.

SICHE Panatina took free points after its opponent Thunder Flukes did not turn up while Green Berets 3 marches on to the final after defeating Kolozonga 32-27.