Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Makira plans to build its new fishery centre

TUESDAY, 06 APRIL 2010 14:34

MAKIRA-ULAWA Provincial Government plans to build fishery centre at Gupuna, on the island of Santa Anna.

A team from the provincial government last week visited the local community and conducted meetings on the proposal.

A statement from the province said they will invest $280,000 into this project, which is expected to benefit the community of Santa Ana, Santa Catalina, Na Mugha and surrounding villages.

“The Fishery centre aims to provide all local fishermen with access to the fish markets in Kirakira and especially Honiara,” the statement.

“The provincial government initiated a community meeting in which around 80 people - chiefs, church leaders, women, youth, fisherman and others, participated.”

In the meeting St Ana community strongly expressed its commitment to the establishment of the fishery centre.

They also guaranteed a water tank, labour support and some materials.

Already, bricks and hardware materials arrived at site and together with locally sawn timber, meaning work can now start.

“In the coming 5 to 6 months the fishery centre should be completed,” the statement said.

“The Fishery centre will be fully run on Solar Power.

“This green source of energy is preferred by the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government, because it is better for its environment.

“Also because it can be installed at really local base and eventually should decrease costs of energy expenses like petrol for generators etc.

“The idea is new to Makira Ulawa and maybe even entire Solomon Islands, so the Provincial Government is looking forward with great interest to the results and viability of this pilot.

“In the coming 5 to 6 Months Makira Ulawa Provincial Government plans to develop best models and practices immediately after finalisation of the centre hand its management over to the community to support the community in its management and maintenance of the centre.

“It is also to assure proper transportation of fish, or other marine resources as crayfish.

“Makira Ulawa Provincial Government will explore the opportunity for a public private partnership with a fishing company and will consider to offer the fishing company a large stake in the fishing centre if it can commit to its management and maintenance and guarantee to local fisherman that they for free can make use of the fishery centre services.

“Makira Ulawa Province invites any fishing company to contacts its government to join them to a trip to St Ana to see the fishery centre and to discuss plans.”

[source: http://www.solomonstarnews.com/]

Marist scores record victory against Makira Ulawa

THURSDAY, 01 APRIL 2010 12:10

Marist recorded the biggest win yet in the Our Telekom National Futsal Championship with their 14 – 2 victory against Makira Ulawa.

This all time high record set by KOSSA and Isabel Frigates where both teams won by 14 – 4 in competition Day 1.

Makira Ulawa played gallantly against Marist but the Honiara based side were too fast and skilful for them. Once again the tendency to hold the ball too long proved to be disastrous for Makira Ulawa.

They could have scored some more goals if they made more attempts to shoot.

Marist took some time to score but once they started there was no turning back. Their first came at 3 minutes 30 seconds and this was quickly followed by another one minute later.

Commins Menapi also played a role in the record win with his goal in the 13th minute set up by Lenson Bisili.

Makira Ulawa 2 consolation goals in the first half but that was about it for them as Marist wrapped up a stunning performance to lead by 7 – 2 at half time.

In the second half the traffic was all Marist’s way and they dominated and controlled the game.

Makira Ulawa had their work cut out for them in trying to limit the damage from the high flyers who were attacking and scoring from all areas of the court.

Moffat Sikwa’ae reopened scoring on the 25th minute after picking up a quick pass close to the Makira Ulawa goal mouth.

Lensn Bisili then added completed his hat trick with a shot from just past the half way mark. Makira Ulawa claimed a good part of ball possession but they could not translate it into goals.

Whenever they moved forward they were quickly crowded out by Marist defenders. In the end Marist were far superior and ended the game on a high with their record victory. The win also sends Marist to the top of Group A. - SIFF Media

[source: www.solomonstarnews.com]

School stages beauty show

TUESDAY, 23 MARCH 2010 13:36

ST. STEPHENS Community College, Pamua in Makira Ulawa Province will hold its 100 years centenary celebrations in October this year.

This is to commemorate the first 100 years since the school was established in 1910 when the first Anglican missionaries set foot on Pamua to establish a mission school.

To kick start the upcoming event, the staff and students staged a Beauty Pageant Show last Friday night, according to the Deputy Principal of the school, Mr Desmond Waita.

Mr Waita appealed to all parents, former Pamua students and teachers and friends to support the school in the upcoming event.

“Parents and former students living in Kirakira and Honiara are expected to watch out for this series if fundraising activities later this year,” he said

[source: www.solomonstarnews.com]