Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sokamora crowned beach Kings

Friday, 24 September 2010 13:08

Winners of the Beach Challenge, Sokamora [Photo: Solomon Star].

SOKAMORA beach boys were crowned champions of the Bilikiki Challenge competition after defeating rivals Northern United 5-1 in the grand final at the DC Park yesterday.

Sokamora had high hopes of reaching the final after they started off their campaign beating the Slide Bilikiki side in their opening match on Monday.

They remained undefeated throughout the competition winning all their matches.

Northern United settled for second place while the Honiara beach boys booked third place.

The presentation of prizes was awarded to the teams and consolation prizes for best players of the tournament.

For the consolation prizes the player of the tournament award of $300 was awarded to Ian Naghu of Sokamora, golden boot award of $300 went to Coleman Kabini, Fair Play award of $300 went to Fly Bilikiki goal keeper and the fair play team ward was awarded to Fly Bilikiki.

For the overall three top prizes, Honiara beach boys came third with a prize of $1000, Northern United settled for second spot with a prize of $2000 and Sokamora were crowned champions escaping with $3000 and trophy.

Oceania Technical Director Patrick Jacquemet, OFC Futsal Manager Scott Gilighan, SIFF vice president Stanley Siapu, General Secretary for SIFF Eddie Ngava, Chairman for the Bilkiki team Rubien Oimae and other football officials were present to witness the presentation of prizes.

OFC Technical Director Patrick Jacquemet thanked all players, supporters, officials and the media for finally ending the competition in peace and happiness.

He said Solomon Islands is ranked 14th in beach soccer in the world and it is amazing to have such a small country to be up there amongst other big countries in the world.

Also speaking during the presentation ceremony was the chairman of the small sided games Lyndon Bako.

Bako thanked Our Telekom and DJ Graphics for their continuous support in helping to develop football in the country.

Meanwhile, it will be hard task for the selection panel when they sit down to discuss and select the final Bilikiki squad.


[Source: Solomon Star Sport News]

Friday, September 10, 2010

Senior 'Laho' lawyer is new A-G

Solomon Islands now has a new Attorney - General. He is Billy Titiulu from Ulawa, Makira Ulawa Province.

Mr. Titiulu, who has been the co-owner of private law firm Pacific Lawyers has had extensive experience in both public and private legal practise in Solomon Islands.

Before doing private practise, Mr. Titiulu has previously worked as chief crown consel at the A-G's Chambers and also worked at the Public Solicitor's Office, as  Trade Disputes Panel's deputy Chairman and has also served a legal adviser to the former National Bank of Solomon Islands (NBSI), now the Bank South Pacifi (BSP).

He started private pratise in 2002. He joined the Solomon Islands Bar Association in 1993 and has since then served as a lawyer for about 17 years to date.

His political appointment marks the end of Gabriel Suri's tenure as Solomon Islands A-G, whom was appointed to the position by the former CNURA' government.
Mr. Titiulu's professional and legal demeanor and expertise is well recognised within Solomon Islands legal fraternity, having represented many prominent individuals in high profile civil and criminal cases, including those of some current and former politicians.

KAKAMORA would like to wish Mr. Titiulu the best in his new appointment.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Makira MPs in the 9th Parliament.

So we have all known who our new MPs are. Only one serving MP has returned. He is James Tora for Ulawa - Ugi constituency. With the retirement of long-serving politician, David Sitai, all the other constituencies have changed leadership.

West Makira voters have given their confidence on Dick Ha'amori who polled 871 votes, a slim 18.6 percent of all the votes casted. Dick Ha'amori is a former SICHE Director with respectable experience working as a lecturer and political appointee in the former Sogavare-led GCC government. Unfortunatly he was 'axed' as Director of SICHE just before he went to campaign for the elections. He claimed that his sacking was 'foul play' fueld by political motives but the SICHE Board released a statement saying it was due to non-performance.

I have been reminded that Dick has not completed his MA at the University of the South Pacific but graduated with a BA from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Dick Ha'amori is the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development in the current Philip-led coalition government. He was elected into Parliament under the banner of Direct Development Pary (DDP).

In Central Makira, Hypolite Taremae was voted in as their new MP. From what I have heard he is a rural farmer with vast experience in rural work and community development. In the general elections he polled 1360 votes, which is 33.9 percent of all the votes casted, ahead of the former MP, Bernard Ghiro. 

As an independent he is currently alligned to Independent Democratic Party (IDP) formerly the Association of Independent Members of Parliament. 

Hon. Hypolite Taremae is the curernt Minister for National Unity Reconciliation and Peace.

In Ulawa - Ugi, serving MP James Tora has been revoted back into Parliament. He polled 641 votes , which is about 26.1 percent of all the votes casted.

Hon. James Tora campaigned the elections and won under the banner of Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP), the party that is at the heart of the current Opposition.

In a recent twist of events, James Tora has switched sides to join the Philip-led government and has become the new Minister for Police and Justice and National Security.

In East Makira, the new MP is Alfred Ghiro. He had won by 1480 votes, about 22.9 percent of all the votes casted. Alfred Ghiro is the older brother of former Central Makira MP Bernard Ghiro and has served for some years in the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly.

Hon. Alfred is a member of SIDP and therefore is currently with the Opposition group led by Hon. Steve Abana.

KAKAMORA woud like to wish our new parliamentarians the best of luck in their political endeavours and would like to remind them that their being there in Parliament is a mandate by the people of Makira Ulawa Province for them to represent them and to speak out on their behalf on matters of common interest. On that regard, our leaders should at all times be mindful of the wishes and aspirations of the people and not to be influenced by corruptive and dubious agents and characters in the exercise of their roles and functions as national, provincial and constituency leaders.

Be reminded that your actions and decisions will be closely watched by us all!