Monday, May 17, 2010

Where is the truth Mr Speaker?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010 10:53 , Solomon Star Letters to the Editor..

Dear Editor – Most people of Ward 5 West Makira constituency are confused more than ever over the position of our MPA.

Time is running out as we wait for any explanation from the MPA as to what is his current stand against allegations laid against him with regards to the status of his position as a Deputy Premier.

Thanks MPA for been a Deputy Premier. A post been regarded as a high valued post within the provincial level.

The people within your ward gain prides through what should be term as “Iu Wanfala Tu Ia. A reality, Mifala ward 5 mifala Deputy Premier”.

We had been recognised through you – probably since the beginning, towards the peak during your term – we praise you for that.

However the realities somehow turn into chuckles since there are speculations that our MPA had been trap in a disgusting bed.

A chapter which really demoralise the respected values of such respected person.

For sure the MPA will judge few account of this article which is either permittable for him to do.

Now that the actions adopted and laid against the ward (5) MPA defines a shameful chapter in the Provincial Assembly House.

It is brought to the front eyes of all Makira citizens that few of MPA’s had involved themselves with such broad daylight corruption.

Why the responsible personnels in the judiciary arm of the nations just keep on entertaining those corrupted people within the respected part of leadership.

I know for certain that the blanket stimulating strategies during campaigns has given and lead up to untimely victorys to certain MPAs.

Negative money influence tactics is perhaps the sole involvement for most good honoured pretenders nothing but just to draw the attention of voters.

Where are you? Hope you’re in the jungles thinking of some tricky moves, perhaps to regain your sit.

Mind you my good voters we don’t want to repeat the same instances as previously occurred.

Our customry rights ownership has been dictated through negative influences. Our resources had been exploited fellow indigenous nationals had been outcasted by the system implemented by few companies operating within the area.

Whatever payments, entitlements subject under the Labout Acts had been ignored by these companies: Timber Acquisition process has been conducted through what should be called – work back front process.

MPA and MP where are you? Are you just sitting up there and enjoy yourself with huge and additional payments.

Simple things to solve on behalf of your people – you never bother to these real problems what a shame.

John Gege
Ward 5 Arosi II
Makira Ulawa Province