Wednesday, November 3, 2010


[Source: SIBC News, 29 October 2010] -Local journalists were today briefed on the update of Live and Learn's Regional Human Rights Project in Honiara.

Speaking to journalists, Regional Human Rights Officer Charles Stenneth says the project which has two components, local and regional, will start in March next year.

He says the project will working with stakeholders such as the media and the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace and other non government organisations.

Mr Stenneth says the media, as the project's core partner will be working on creating more awareness in rural communities throughout the country on basic human rights issues.

He says the project will train journalists on human rights issues for an improved and informed coverage of human rights and investigations into the violation of human rights or abuse of people.

Meanwhile, Mr Stenneth confirms that the project will focus on communities in Makira-Ulawa, Isabel, Western and Rennell Bellona Provinces over the next three years.


[Source: SIBC News, 28 October 2010] - Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Father Sam Ata has declared the start of the two days regional public hearing for the eastern region of the country.

The region includes Makira and Temotu Provinces.

In his opening remarks, Father Sam Ata acknowledged the participation of these victims in the nation’s Truth seeking and healing process.

He said that while it is difficult to testify to audience around the country and to the world, the process is an important moment which gives an opportunity to victims to speak about their suffering for the first time.

The Chairman said that stories told in the hearing are not for public debate or comparison and confirmed that there is no conclusion that the Commission would take to determine a verdict on the cases presented.

But Father Ata said that it gives the perpetrators an opportunity to recognize and recover their own humanity.

He said the state will also have the opportunity to explore their role during the years of the ethnic tension.

Father Ata reminds the nation not to forget the past.


[Source: SIBC News, 28 October 2010] - A victim of the ethnic tension, Enly Lifu, has spoken out against the proposed "Forgiveness Bill".

Testifying before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the Makira-Ulawa provincial capital, Kirakira, Mr Lifu said he disagrees with the bill.

He questioned how someone or any institution forgive perpetrators of the tension on behalf of the victims.

Mr Lifu said the process of truth and reconciliation is the way forward in healing victims of the recent tension throughout the country.

He said the Commission’s counseling process has enabled him to break free from his cage.

Mr Lifu said the experienced he went through was worse than tsunami or a cyclone.


[Source: SIBC News, 28 October 2010] - Makira-Ulawa's Kirakira Hospital secretary has expressed concerns about various issues concerning the hospital.

Speaking to SIBC News Hospital Secretary Ben Warren says there isn't enough beds for patients nor enough houses for hospital staff.

He says that while there are small clinics around the island the increasing number of patients being referred to Kirakira Hospital reflects the need to improve health services in the provincial capital.

Mr Warren says there should be two doctors stationed at the Kirakira hospital.

However, he says there is only one doctor attending patients at the hospital.

Mr Warren says the main hospital has deployed most of their nurses to clinics around Makira leaving them with only a few in Kirakira.

The Kirakira Hospital Secretary calls on both the national and Provincial Governments to help improve the hospital facilities and services to serve the people of the province.


[Source: SIBC News, 28 October 2010] - Operation Manager of Kirakira Police station Makira-Ulawa Province has raised concern over resources to investigate outstanding cases around the island.

Speaking to SIB News in Kirakira, Paul Pirigau said that this has been the major problem facing police in Makira-Ulawa Province.

He says that lack of finance and insufficient numbers of outboard motors has restricted police investigating outstanding cases.

Mr Pirigau says that while the police are there to enforce law and order, it is important that they also interact with the people, elders and chiefs around the island.

He says that interacting with people will them understand the work of the police and thus supporting police in their work.

Officer Pirigau says there are 30 police officers including two female and two RAMSI Officers in the Makira-Ulawa province.


[Source: SIBC News, 27 October 2010] - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Eastern Regional Public Hearing has commenced in Makira-Ulawa Provincial capital, Kirakira, with awareness talks on the work of the Commission.

The one day awareness program today was to inform the people of the purpose of the public hearing, its aims and objectives, and its process to pave way for the two days public hearing which will start tomorrow.

The Eastern region covers victims of the recent ethnic tension from Makira and Temotu provinces.

In his brief awareness statement TRC’s Chairman Father Sam Ata revealed his view on the process of the TRC.

Father Sam Ata said that for the country to develop, national healing is important.

He said that while the process of reconciliation is yet to be achieved, work on opening up ethnic wounds and mending them through public and closed hearing is progressing well.

However, he said that their work is behind schedule due to financial constraints.

Father Ata said the government has not yet responded to a request to extend its work for another 12 months.

Commissioners also present at Kirakira to oversee testimonies from the victims are Deputy Chair Sophia Macha from Peru, Joni Madraiwiwi from Fiji and Caroline Laure.


[Source: SIBC News, 26 October 2010] -The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's eastern region public hearing will commence this Thursday as the commissioners and local media are making their way down to Kira Kira, Makira Province.

Eastern region covers Temotu and Makira-Ulawa/Ugi provinces.

Speaking to S-I-B-C news, T-R-C's media officer Dykes Angiki says preparations for the public hearing had gone well.

It is expected that around 20 victims from that region will be testifying before the commission.

Public hearings on Malaita and Guadacanal provinces had already taken place as well as the western and central regions which cover Western, Choiseul, Isabel Rennel and Bellona and Central Islands province.