Wednesday, November 3, 2010


[Source: SIBC News, 28 October 2010] - Makira-Ulawa's Kirakira Hospital secretary has expressed concerns about various issues concerning the hospital.

Speaking to SIBC News Hospital Secretary Ben Warren says there isn't enough beds for patients nor enough houses for hospital staff.

He says that while there are small clinics around the island the increasing number of patients being referred to Kirakira Hospital reflects the need to improve health services in the provincial capital.

Mr Warren says there should be two doctors stationed at the Kirakira hospital.

However, he says there is only one doctor attending patients at the hospital.

Mr Warren says the main hospital has deployed most of their nurses to clinics around Makira leaving them with only a few in Kirakira.

The Kirakira Hospital Secretary calls on both the national and Provincial Governments to help improve the hospital facilities and services to serve the people of the province.

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