Saturday, January 15, 2011


 [SIBC News, 15 January 2011] - Poor health services at Namuga mini- hospital in East Makira Province has cost the life of a new born baby.

The baby died as a result of lack of appropriate attention given to him coupled with the lack of transportation to refer him to Kirakira quickly.

A concerned Makira man, Alfred Mare, says the hospital has been without full staff and it affects the services rendered by the mini- hospital.

Mr. Mare added that the continuous failure of the Makira Health authorities to fix the mini- hospital's only running outboard motor engine has cost the rural hospital dearly. 

He calls on the relevant authorities to quickly attend to the problem faced by the Namuga mini- hospital before more lives are lost.


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  3. One of the contributing factor of the malfunction of the clinic is lacking of human resource.I think Makira has quite enough young potential population to be trained for this area of nursing.How could these responsible authorities deal with lack of human resources for Makira.
    Tony Purh

  4. Good point Anthony.
    Our national govt is already financially constraint in meeting its multiple obligations,which include HR training. In this view, our province should take some initiatives in training its own human resources, particularly teachers and nurses/nurse aids, who will upon completing their training be deployed to our very own provincial schools and health centers. To achieve this, province should incorporate into its Education and Training budgets, for the next 5 to 10 years, some funds that will go towards training (or subsidizing training) our very own School Leavers in the teaching/nursing professions.

    Candidates to be selected through similar process used by the National Scholarship Office, but is facilitated in the provincial level.

    Candidates must meet the following criteria:
    (a) a pass in form 6 or form 7 with a minimum of B-grade (for Community High School Teaching and nurse training) and a minimum of C-grade (for Early Childhood & primary school teaching and nurse aid training).
    (b) must be originally from Makira/Ulawa province,
    (c) be committed to serve the province after the completion of his/her training.

    Do I sound discriminatory? I may have, but I have my reasons to defend my propositions. Ask me next time if you wanna know my reasons, but for now time is not on my side so I better pen off.

    Good luck

    Suva, FIJI